Brunchbox & Divider Teens


'Good Food Good Mood'

In the mood for good food? Check out our awesome '70's style yellow lunchbox! With the catchy quote "Good Food Good Mood" and super cool stickers to pimp it. Plenty of room for your sandwiches, a snack and even a can. With the divider, you choose what to bring. Grab it now and rock that lunch break!

'Positive Energy Only'

Hey you there! If you want positive vibes at lunch, our green lunchbox is your go-to. Featuring the motivational quote "Positive Energy Only" and a whole load of awesome stickers to make it all yours. Perfect for your sandwiches, snacks and that good energy. Get it, spread the positivity!

'Mind Your Own Lunch'

Lunchtime is your time, so keep those prying eyes away with our cool blue lunchbox. With a fat set of stickers to customize it and the clever quote "Mind Your Own Lunch". From snacks to your favorite sandwiches, this box holds it for you. Score it now, and own that lunchtime!

  • Spacious lunch box: room for apple, snack box or can in addition to your lunch
  • Extra divider
  • Fun sticker included
  • Dimensions 210 x 156 x 71 mm
  • Also discover our matching Water Bottles

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