Amuse Lunch Bowl 500ml


We introduce our Amuse Lunch Bowl 500ml. Your favourite on-the-go lunch wherever you are, prepared in a design Amuse bowl. Your lunch tastes 10 times better in this beautiful and handy bowl. The transparent Tritan® lid makes sure you can show off your lunch at home and on the go. Get ready for some envious glances!

This sealable bowl is ideal for pasta, yoghurt, soup, salads and more.

-Handy size: 500ml

-On-the-go: perfectly sealable for a culinary moment on the go

-Store and serve: straight from the fridge to the table

-Clear Tritan® lid: your culinary creations always visible

-Indestructible: the microwave (without lid), dishwasher or freezer will not destroy this product

Dimensions ⌀ 104 x 86 mm

    Colour: Grey

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