The secret storage tips from cheese refiners Van Tricht

“Looking for artisanal cheeses all over Europe and even beyond and guiding them during maturing is our job. But there is much more to it: advising customers to put together a nice assortment, helping to choose the right cheese for recipes, ...

A question we often get is how best to store the cheeses. It was a nice challenge when we got the chance to help develop the perfect cheese box. The result of this cheese box is that you can store the cheeses longer and also have much less odor in your fridge.”

One of the most frequently asked questions is how best to store cheese.



Store tasty cheese correctly

  • It is best to take cheeses out of the fridge an hour beforehand so that they can warm up and release all their flavors and aromas.
  • In order to separate the different types of cheese, different partitions are provided in the cheese box. You can even move them according to the size of the cheese. The advantage of this is that the cheeses do not lie against each other and therefore cannot influence each other.
  • Cheeses contain a lot of moisture. An excess of moisture creates bitter, unpleasant flavors. So put a piece of kitchen paper or some rice at the bottom of the box to catch the excess moisture.
  • Finally, it is best to turn the cheese every 2 to 3 days. This way they are stored perfectly.

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